Glitter Socks Mei - Blue, Black

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  • Glitter Socks Mei - Blue, Black
  • Glitter Socks Mei - Blue, Black
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These smooth glitter socks do not itch. Shine up every outfit in your closet with these socks. They have a reinforced heel and toe and we have made sure to knit them for every day use so they are durable. The socks are named after my good friend Mei Ling because she is the type of girl who likes to add some edge to her otherwise trendy black wardrobe.

The socks are made in one of our Italian zero-waste factories with yarn from our Italian yarn supplier Filmar who have initiated the ”Cotton for Life” alternative that aims to develop and apply environmental protocols to sustain the Egyptian cotton industry focusing on both social and sustainable development.

68% Viscose
28% Polyamide
2% Lurex
2% Elastane

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