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A new Kate Moss book, is that what the world has been waiting for• The answer is yes. In fact, you have been waiting for it- and we have the perfect Catch 22 that proves it. If you are one of the people that just doesn't understand the big fuzz about this slightly shabby London girl with all those scandals chasing here - you must get this book, because this book will unveil to you the amazing palette of this unique woman, photographed by the best photographers in the world. Alternatively, you are one of those people who thinks you must have seen all of her photos a thousand times by now, which indicates that you apparently are a big fan of Kate and you simply must have this iconic book.

Kate: The Kate Moss book is a dazzling new Rizzoli title, produced in close collaboration with Kate personally. It is seriously sized, the has a proper weight (we book fetishists think that's important) and with its 65.00 this is going to be finding its way to many coffee tables and book cases. The book comes with a record breaking eight (!) different covers. Use the Personal Note section to tell us which one is your favorite, and we will do our best to send you the version of your choice - but we can't guarantee.

448 pages
October 2012
ISBN 9780847837908
268×365×40 mm
3650 grams

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