Palm tree hook brass

  • Palm tree hook brass
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While being on a treasure hunt for some fresh inspiration for our new summer collection, we came across some hidden gems we simply couldn’t leave behind. And since sharing means caring, we’ve adopted these pretties without any doubt and took all of them as an inspiration to produce more pieces. Every single part was made by hand within the streets of a small village – Phaltan – in India . We’ve been there a dozen times and it still mesmerises us how kind these workmen are, even though this is practically all they have in their lives. All of them are traditional Indian Hindi men and it’s safe to say they make these products with loads and loads of passion! We are utterly grateful to be able to work with these amazing workers.

Cocolicious baby! If your home really is your pride, it definitely deserves this unique palmtree hook!

Did you know Assyrians and Egyptians considered the palmtree as a tree of life• We didn’t! By researching this tropical beauty, we found out that there is even more historical information to be discovered: palm trees were also strewn out as a red carpet welcoming returning Roman warriors from battle. And last but not least, they were also laid out to welcome returning pilgrims to the Holy Land. A short legend almost no one knows about!

Handmade in Phaltan
India Recycled brass

Height: 18,5 cm Width: 13,5 cm

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